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دكتور اسلام كيلانى


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We are the first legal online store in the Arab world

 specialized in assisting entrepreneurs and start-up companies by providing all the necessary legal services directly and as quickly as possible.
We strive to provide integrated services as well as support startups.
Provide the legal guidance needed to succeed.
Understand the nature of your business, your future goals in order to create all avenues for growth and success.

Dr Eslam Kelany

CEO, proxy law

Scope of Works

Legal Support for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Labor law

provide legal support to workers and employees in their labor disputes

Civil and commercial disputes

Settling civil and commercial disputes, such as claims for compensation, termination, contracting, etc. through amicable and judicial methods

Technology contracts

Drafting technology contracts such as software development contracts

Commercial contracts and partnerships

Drafting all commercial and investment contracts

Company Formation

Providing the necessary assistance in choosing the appropriate legal form for your company and its Formation in fewer than 72 hours as we consider agents of the Investment Authority

Agents for corporates outside Egypt

Conducting all legal proceedings for institutions and individuals outside Egypt to follow up their legal activities inside the Egyptian country

Real estate issues

Settlement of all real estate disputes between owners and real estate developers, such as non-delivery and termination

Intellectual property protection and trademark registration and patents

Provide the necessary assistance in all issues related to the protection of your intellectual property and the registration of patents and trademarks

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Most Successful Expert & lawyers

Incorporation Lawyer

Specialist in establishing commercial companies of all kinds

Contract Attorney

Specialist in drafting technology and software contracts

Legal Translator

Specialist in translating contracts and legal documents

Trademark Attorney

Specialist in intellectual property protection as well as patent and trademark registration

Entrepreneur mistakes

We are Here to Protect any Kind of Voilence

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Professionals in drafting partnership contracts, shareholder agreement, technology and software contracts.


Mahmoud El Gendy

elgandy store

One of the best legal entities supporting entrepreneurs and startups. It is characterized by the speed of completion of transactions, professionalism in the performance of work, and a high level of experience.


Ahmed Adel

wafar company

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