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“We are the lawyers”

دكتور اسلام كيلانى


Years of experience

About company

We are the first legal store online in the Arab world

  • Proxy Law, one of the most important legal institutions in Egypt, pioneering in providing cooperation and legal support for remote law offices and companies, with work experience in all branches of law.
  • We are working to improve customers and develop the service until the desired goal is reached.
  • We have experts specialized in all branches of law.
  • Business partnerships in all Arab countries.

Dr. Islam Kilani

CEO, power of attorney

Entrepreneurial errors

Proxy Law, based in Egypt, offers you to support joint cooperation between it and law firms and offices

Our basic work process

Create a value for your work


Set an appointment to discuss the service and its implementation mechanism (within 24 hours), and sign a confidentiality agreement.


Determining the required services and the time period for their implementation (recorded video).


Determining the price of the service, or subscribing to the packages available for more than one service.

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